Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Hiroshi Week 02

Mom look what they are trying to do to james.
OHHHHH NOOOO!!!!Where ya going buddy????


Potatoes have had enough time to ralley.
Giving the potatoes names, and different sizes.

I really like the different browns used here, I tried to use Illustrator  the farmer looks alittle out of wack
Project Hiroshi Week 02 I have made some changes from the first week. I have concentrated on size and different shapes, including an old lady and grumpy Smitty Potato. These potatoes have had enough of the farmers spraying them with chemicals. And walking on them and then dying just to make chips, and letting humans eat them. It's payback  time, Next post, I am going to add some color and  play with the screens. Week 3 should be more detailed where I am going with this.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shape Characters

Sketches of Characters out of shapes
My Attempt of Illustrator, although I have'nt got  the skills using my tablet just yet but I am  going to try harder.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My vision Of The "GREAT PUMPKIN"

begining stage of my great pumpkin art contest all done on Charcole Grey Paper with Color Pencil

begining outline in white for his body

finally Inserted a teen, as he is really scared

almost done
5hrs of Drawling of  my Vision Of The Great Pumpkin.

Project Hiroshi Week 01

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Long Road To Now

 Days before our court day to decide who gets custody, I drawled a picture of me lying at the end of the bed and me praying while my son sleeps, as an angel was looking over us. I placed this image under his pillow and prayed and prayed I would win.  As we went to court the day was over with the judge saying the decision would come in the mail. I waited and waited, all night, and plenty of noses bleed from the stress. I was nervous, after getting up in the morning and going to work. I got a page from my mom as she put's  911, I was so scared to call back, but I knew, deep down; I'm a great person and there was a reason  god had a plan for me, and my dreams have been put on hold. As I called her back I couldn’t breathe, and I was shaking, my mother was crying over and over, saying Jason you won you won. That was the best feeling in my life knowing I was going to be a full time father. I had to grow up fast, and push my dreams back of becoming a cartoonist for Walt Disney. I went to work doing plumbing, each year I got experience; I got more money. My son was spoiled; he got everything you could image as a kid.

In the back of my mind as I went to work every morning, how I hated doing something I didn’t want to do, meaning I didn’t want to become a plumber. This wasn’t my dream. I believe everything happens for a reason. And this reason of putting my dreams pushed back and raising my son happened for a reason. Still to this day as Disney's cartoons come on, I get the same goose bumps and teary eyed, because I image myself surround by the sights and sound to go to work there every day. The feeling of becoming a cartoonist will be the 2nd the most exciting thing to happen to me besides my son being born. I am 35y old now and 16y away from school. I decided to come back to school and chase my dream to becoming a character designer and going to CCAD is my alley to my dreams. My family questioned my decision to come back to school to chase my dream which they think not reach able, I gave up making really good money, to chase my dream. However, I try to block out the negativity that my family brings to me. They bring me down as if there jealous I believe. Chasing a dream that means so much to me and hopefully making my dream come true, seeing that day is in my mind and in my eyes. I want to show my son that dad is chasing something that means a lot to me, and I want him to see I gave up my dreams to show him I’m a good father, and a great person. Showing to him that you should never give up on your dreams, and that you can be anything you put your mind to. My path was a lot different, and it has been a long road to chase. I will become a great cartoonist, and I will rub it in my family face, and prove to myself and my son that I can do it. My dream will come true, and only I can make that happen.

Overall, I have had three dreams in my life and being a cartoonist for Walt Disney was my first. Football was my second dream, even if I didn’t make it big with football; I believed I could make it to a small college to play. However, that dream came to a Holt, due to me hurting my knee my freshman year. It required surgery. I was heartbroken I have played it all my life. Through the years, I have drawled off and on and making designs for M.A.D.D program it was fun. And finally waking up and telling myself that I’m tired of going to work for something I didn’t want to do anymore. I made minimum wage I didn’t like where I was headed to in my life, so I pushed myself through the  Police Academy where I could have gotten my certificate to be a police officer any county I wanted to. Six months of meetings and classes every day Monday through Friday pushed my competitiveness. I have been so hard  on myself to try to become somebody and do something with my life, where my son could see the point in trying and never giving up.

After the six months of training and long night and days of running and working out it was time for me to take my test, I passed my sit-ups and my push-ups, along with the written. I’ve failed my run due to my knee surgery my freshman year in high school. I missed my run time by one minute and 02 seconds. I have always been competitive when I didn’t pass that something inside me told myself to send away my portfolio to an art school and see what they would say. So I gave it a shot at it and sent my work to Columbus College of Art & Design, they offered me a scholarship, and I couldn’t turn it down. To leave Ohio and become a very talented cartoonist for Walt t Disney, is my dream, and I will make it.  After looking and putting this together makes me realize the road I have taken. To the path, I am on now I am hoping this path is my dream to my success.