Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Hiroshi Week 02

Mom look what they are trying to do to james.
OHHHHH NOOOO!!!!Where ya going buddy????


Potatoes have had enough time to ralley.
Giving the potatoes names, and different sizes.

I really like the different browns used here, I tried to use Illustrator  the farmer looks alittle out of wack
Project Hiroshi Week 02 I have made some changes from the first week. I have concentrated on size and different shapes, including an old lady and grumpy Smitty Potato. These potatoes have had enough of the farmers spraying them with chemicals. And walking on them and then dying just to make chips, and letting humans eat them. It's payback  time, Next post, I am going to add some color and  play with the screens. Week 3 should be more detailed where I am going with this.