Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Ron Saks Sketches For Background part 2

Again things have changed, I am trying to create the best scene for this film. I hope I will have more ideas before Tuesday.


  1. these are getting better/looser...and i'm glad you went and shot some reference too.
    My favorite so far is the aerial view with the crows. I'll try and work that in when im doing the storyboard :D yay teamwork!
    But, for the other ones, remember she is deep within the is dense and dark. Remember how we talked about the trees creating a pattern, etc. etc.

    I'll try and come up with some suggestions for class tomorrow, and as a group we can figure this thing out.

    None of us are really "environmentalists" so this is a fun experiment. Keep your spirits high, the harder the work, the more the pay off in the end, right?

    GO TEAM!

  2. I think it is absolutely grate that you went and took reference. I agree with Monica that these should be a little denser, however they are going in the right direction. One suggestion I would have is to keep working on patterning with shapes. Or possibly think of patterns that could go in the tree trunks, or on the path. I think we could think of some really cool looking ones. I really like the light striped tree we saw on one of the videos we watched! Keep working, they are definitely getting better! :)

  3. The designs really are improving as they go along! Your work is paying off.

    I have to agree with the forest being denser. Maybe experiment with the values of the trees, maybe they could be lighter and the background trees are darker, and the very background pitch black.

    Oh, and the crow shots are awesome!

    Again, great job so far and impressive progress.