Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Ron Saks Sketches For Background part 1

I am working hard on these backgrounds very challenging for me, but over all I am happy with the composition of these. I am sure it will change. I hope I can get some feed back on what to change and what to add, let me know. I really like how  the lighting from the moon is  bouncing off the trees. 

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  1. many things:
    1. You're awesome! thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone for the group, you get awesome props for that!
    2. my favorites are the top row in the last image (on the page that says something about grandmas house)
    3. Take another whack or two for thursday, if you have some time. Loosen up. take a 2H pencil and draw a scribbley swirly mess on a piece of paper. Then take a 2B, and try to find your environment in that mess. It'll help you to loosen up and create shapes you may not have if your brain was telling you too.
    4. After doing that exercise, use what you learn from it to expand on it. Think about the mood of the scene when doing the background. All the things that you put in the character, attitude, shaping, personality....bring that out with the feeling, attitude and shaping of the background. Easier said than done, but i'm just trying to talk enough to spark your imagination (i hope its working)
    5. Keep going. You Rock! I have Andy Friz for one of my classes, and he says it takes 100 bad drawings before you get to a really good one that has a story and meaning within it. So crank out those first 100, so we can get to the really awesome stuff :D :D