Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ron Saks Project Proposal

My Proposal for this project will require four Animators and one Video/Audio crew.  What you see in these images is little rough, but I hope you can get the idea. Grumpy Bob is an old grump that gets mad about everything and everything. Bob hates to be around people and hates to be bothered by other people. I was thinking that  it would be funny to be having Bob getting ready to go to the bus stop as he waits for the bus another elderly man named Ron,  walks up to wait for the bus as well. As he is setting here waiting for the bus Ron pulls out a walk man  he presses to play the song of Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" begins to play  or maybe even the song from" 2 live Crew" the song"Me so Horny", anything that is an old song. I think it is funny because your thinking of 2 old men and one starts playing ME SO HORNY ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME song I'm open to suggestions. By this time Bob has had enough looks at the camera and says WOW and then turns to hit Ron with his cane and knocks his false teeth out.

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