Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art for Sale
Traxler tees printed my design for me and they are very professional company.
 The print is a hand silk screen printed water base discharge print. The ink used to print the shirt was manufactured right here in Columbus. It is technically "green" ink as it is water soluble in the printing process and does not take the several chemicals plastisol printing requires. E-mail me if your interrested in any of my design of the shirt or doll. the T-shirt is $20 and the VooDoo Clown doll is $30 he is 1ft tall and 16inches wide. please allow 4 days to make, HE IS NOT A CHILD FRIENDLY TOY, AGES 15& UP..

rightside view of the voodoo clown

My Character that I brought to life  from a simple drawling of a shape to more of a creation. This image is also available for print as well as a voodoo doll.